Monday, 12 March 2007

Show No. 9

Show Info:
1992 Ten Tour Show
Set Length: 70min
Attendance: 500

Main Set:
Wash, Once, Even Flow, State Of Love And Trust, Alive, Black, Deep, Jeremy, Why Go?, (Bad Mouth Improv)/Porch
I've Got A Feeling

Show Notes: The stage diving at this show is out of control, with Ed asking, "So who taught this guy to stage dive feet first?" and "Is this the stage diving Olympics or something?" He lifts Mike atop his shoulders during 'Alive.' After 'Deep,' Ed asks for Chris Cornell to come out onstage (he doesn't). The improv is based on a few lines from the beginning of Fugazi's 'Bad Mouth':
You can't be what you wereSo you better start being just what you areYou can't be what you wereTime is now and it's running outOn the final notes of 'Porch,' Ed falls into the crowd and, in an unusual move, Jeff jumps into the pit! Ed helps Dave out on drums toward the end of 'I've Got a Feeling,' which is an incredibly cool, extended (more than 10 minutes!) version. Part of this super show was broadcast on radio.

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Pre-FM > CD ("Seventh Heaven" Bootleg disc) > CDR > .wav > FLAC

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